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On Pomegranate and YouTube

Thank you, Internet
This task used to take all day
When I was a kid


Look up

Winter cannot hold
The fire it stole from Autumn
It burns in the sky


A Not-So Frisky Kitty

The reviews for our tiny resort suggested, “Ask about the Frisky Kitty.” Continue reading “A Not-So Frisky Kitty”

A Gardening Victory

I couldn’t have guessed
My poor, struggling strawberries
Would turn out like this



Inspired by The Daily Post: Victory

Midnight Harvest

I could feel the frost coming on tonight, so I picked the last of the nearly-ripes by moonlight. My effort may be futile; they say only a vine can ripen this properly. And I’ve had far more than my fair share. It just seems such a waste to throw it away without trying. We’ll see how it goes.

On Aspen and Sumac

September’s colors
Fade in the blink of an eye…
Try to catch this Fall Continue reading “On Aspen and Sumac”

Confused harvest

Cherry tomato
Or miniature pumpkin?
Cute little mutant. <3 Continue reading “Confused harvest”

These brightened my day :)

Garden flowers in
A tiny ketchup bottle
Simple happiness Continue reading “These brightened my day :)”

Zucchini Monster Soup

Last night at a tech meetup, my friend and I traded some of our harvests. I ended up with two big zucchini… you know, the kind that stayed on the vine oh… about 10 minutes too long? This is one of my favorite zucchini tricks. Continue reading “Zucchini Monster Soup”

Why did the sidewalk cross the road?

It’s back-to-school time, and sidewalks that cross the pickup and dropoff lanes at your local schools are extremely dangerous. Continue reading “Why did the sidewalk cross the road?”

Handfuls of berries
And tomatoes by the pint
Our hard work paid off

The Future is Now… kind of

This morning I got a video chat from my girl, who is camping in California with her dad right now. She was just hopping out of the tent to show me around:

“So when I was a kid, video calls were a thing of the future — something that would only happen on The Jetsons or Star Trek!”

“Well, it’s not the future yet, cause this zipper is stuck.”

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