Whoville Hair How-to?

I’m looking for ideas for making who-hair. Google hasn’t helped me much so I’ll appeal to my lovely readers. So my daughter’s school just loves Dr. Seuss and decided to have a Grinch play. But the little girls were supposed to look like whos — down to the crazy who-hairdo! So I’d originally posted this:

If you know of a whoville hairstyle trick, please drop your how-to on this page. And in the meanwhile I’ll be trying to figure something out, and will post what I did if it works out 🙂

Another closer pic of the who-hair from last year.  Didn't turn out fabulous but it did work.
Another closer pic of the who-hair from last year. Didn't turn out fabulous, but it did work...
Alright, well that was short notice and not enough time to land it in google. But I’ll tell you what I did, and what some of the other mothers did. You can use these ideas at a Suess party, plays, halloween, Christmas, or any other Seussical occassion.

Easiest idea, IMHO, came from my friend Jen: wrap the hair up over a pantyhose egg and add a fake-hair clip in a fun color. Easy peasy and there’s no mess of hairspray or hair paint to wash out.

This is what else I noticed:

I would say most of the moms actually put a plastic drinking cup on top of their daughters head, then pulled the hair up and around it. Some of them curled the ends, some fluffed them out, and some braided them with pipe cleaners and ribbons to make funky shapes.

Mary’s hair was a bit too fine and thin for all that, but I did want the grinch-movie type height on her head. So instead of a cup, I used the taller half of a large plastic easter egg, and made a top-of-the-head pontyail just above that. Her hair covered that easily — well, I did have to use lots of thinned-out spiking glue to make it hold up.

I tried, really, to braid a pipe cleaner into her hair because I wanted to make a spiral with it. Alas and alack, my sister is so talented with braiding, I’ve never really learned how to do it well for myself. So I tried curling mary’s ends with my curling iron, and I learned that very fine smooth and shiny hair like mary’s does not cooperate with a curling iron.

Mary with her who-hair being shy for the camera (Shy is OK for the web)
Mary with her who-hair being shy for the camera (Shy is OK for the web)

Still, the egg under her hair gave her head sortof a hershy’s kiss shape, and it was cute. A teacher added a bow for her (something I couldn’t find in my craft box at home) and she ended up looking very cute. If only she weren’t so petrified about the performance. Here she is singing her song. hee hee… (too bad my camera’s built-in video left much to be desired!)


  1. Jen-bo-ben

    Hey Velda-Melda,
    I have seen ponytail holders that have hair extentions in them in the girl section of Wal-Mart, Kholes, etc. Usually the extentions are pink, blonde, etc. You could do the "who do" with the egg or cup, tie it at the top with the pony tail holder with the hair extentions, and then wax, braid, curl, whatever… the fake hair.


  2. Phase 1

    Next time I would suggest back-combing, shaping the hair as you go. use a lot of firm hold hair spray. I personally like bed head products but really anything will work. Then, using the back of a paddle brush, use just the sideof the brush to lightly comb just the outside of the hair to give it a smooth look.


  3. phase 1

    I can send you pictures of a contest that I did in school that didn’t require the use of a cup or anything like that. We won first place.


  4. Velda

    Thanks. I tried backcombing but I’m sure half the problem was that all the hair products around my house are not for baby-fine, smooth-folicled, straight hair like hers, given that mine’s the exact opposite: thick, heavy, wavy/curly, but as long as I give it a little freedom and a good dose of anti-frizz gel, its fairly easy to coax into different styles. And I’ve always thought Mary’s perfectly shiny, smooth hair was so enviable (At least to girls like me?) that I never really do anything to it. So we don’t really have any very hard-holding products around here, except my son’s spiking glue. My products seem to slide right out of her hair.

    We’re going to try to give her Princess Peach hair for halloween. I’m guessing I’ll need a good semi-stiff body-building type hairspray for that one.

    And I would totally love to see the pictures. I’d be happy to post them here too with your permission.


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