Fair and Balanced — really!

Political discussions with my family are crazier than professional wrestling matches, minus the chair throwing and spandex. As a self-appointed referee, I can truly appreciate a moderate point of view. That’s why I enjoy reading poligazette.com so much, I decided to donate a little design work.

The political arguments that ensue at every family get together are fantastic. Sometimes I wonder if Dad could wean himself off blood pressure medication if it weren’t for MSNBC. But he’d also have to deal with the fact that his namesake is a serious Anti-Fox News evangelist. And their choice of news media is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their political differences… or is it?

They’re both very smart people, and generally I’d say they both have valid points. What’s more, after they’ve argued for an hour or two, they eventually calm down, and occasionally even agree on a few things. So why the mental brawl?

I believe most sources of news media out there teach us to marginalize others’ viewpoints. They seem less concerned with honesty and problem solving than they are with ad-space and ratings. Ratings they collect by creating an addictive sense of animosity toward anyone who happens to have another point of view. And nothing glues an audience to its chairs like a good fight. Just ask the pro wrestlers. But I’ll just keep cheering for people like poligazette.com. šŸ™‚

Some time ago, I’d noticed a post asking for a new header graphic. I thought to myself, “What they need is a logo, but much as I like this site I just don’t have time.” Then one evening when I did have time and was particularly appreciating their site, I decided to play with a few ideas, and came up with this:

New poligazette.com Logo
New poligazette.com logo uses a compass instead of a star

Here’s what it used to look like. They’re quite happy with the difference.

Old poligazette.com logo
Old poligazette.com header image

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