Burning Calories

I just joined the Biggest Loser contest at UVU. The person who loses the highest percent of their initial body weight wins, with prizes each week as well a grand prize at the end. My problem? A woefully efficient metabolism. No matter how much I’ve exercised and dieted, the weight doesn’t drop. My body is very good not only at living within a very tiny caloric budget, but also at saving some of those calories for later. The net result over a few years of living off 900 calories per day? 5 more pounds and zero energy.

So my goal is not only to lose weight, but to figure out how to get myself a spendy metabolism. And the wise words of my friends mom are seeming to make more and more sense.

Think of burning calories like you would think of burning firewood. If the fire is going strong, you can burn more or less anything. The trick is getting that fire started.

Start with something that burns easily, and build up from there. If the fire starts to go out, add a little more kindling — and extra oxygen. Once the fire’s hot, harder-to-burn items are no big deal, but do keep it going throughout the day, and don’t add any new heavy material to it if you’re about to put it out for the night.

According to Roy’s mom, then, you start the day with your simplest carbs, build up to your proteins, and then stop eating a few hours before bedtime. And to that I add: make a conscious effort to increase oxygen consumption as well.

I’ve also added Shape-Ups, Tai Chi, and extra walking to my regular routine: no weight loss yet. So now I’m adding these concepts in as well. 12 weeks from now I may look and feel exactly like I do right now, but if there are significant changes, I’m going to be stoked 🙂