Splitting up…

So I’ve actually been thinking about dividing my personal stuff back out into a separate blog again.

It would be a lot of work, but I think I would be able to much better showcase my geek/designer/marketing skills here if I took the mommy/faith/life stuff over to another blog. I’d also feel far more comfortable talking about faith and life stuff if I wasn’t always a bit concerned about what potential client/employer has to sift through everything else to get to my work-related posts.

The new personal blog in the works already, and in fact has just a few posts in place. So the trick is just going to be getting everything migrated. I’ve never tried it before, but this is what I’m guessing I’ll need to do. Or at least this is how my woke-up-at-four-and-desperately-need-more-sleep logic wants to send me. I figure I’ll write it down and go over it again when I’ve got my wits about me.

– Back up both blogs! πŸ™‚
– Export this blog
– Take the few articles I’ve got in the new blog, untag them, and uncategorize them
– Export the new blog and increment my post_ids, wherever they might be, by hand
– Possibly edit the novapages.com export to swap out instances of novapages.com for my new domain
– Make a fresh WordPress install on the new site
– Import the old blog to the new site
– Import the new blog to the new site
– Fix pictures if I need to (copying them over from one site to the other, if needed)
– Get a handle on the new site’s look/feel/organization
– Get rid of techy/marketing/designer-ish articles on the blog
– Start removing / redirecting personal posts from this blog
– Redo novapages.com organization & look/feel

Un-techy considerations:
– Check with CJ.com about segmenting my domains πŸ™‚ You might have noticed I don’t put many ads on here, but I do have one article that’s popular enough to help with the bills. I’d want to keep that going.
– Comb through my analytics so I can figure out which popular articles I’ll want to redirect. (I won’t worry about anything that doesn’t get google hits)

I also want to get VaultPress installed on the new blog as well.

Wow. And the moment I finished writing all of that down, my tired brain instantly decided to relax and let me sleep… at least for a few more hours. Hooray. I’m off to bed. And I won’t start this project til next week when I won’t have much else to do at night (while the kids are out.) Wish me luck then and sweet dreams now. πŸ™‚