Love is…

What is love anyway? Let’s consult my tiny collection of Love Is gum wrappers:

A bunch of Love Is gum wrappers

At only 300 rubles a piece, these were easily the most affordable treat while I was in Voronezh in 1996, and they made a fun collection, too. I can’t find most of them (which I’d assembled into a book and given to my now-ex husband). But I did find these. So, according to our sweet little gum wrappers, Love Is…

  • keeping her lips busy.
  • keeping him/her always in your mind.
  • missing half of the film for the sake of finding his/her shoes.
  • being her caddy when she goes golfing.
  • loosing appetite.
  • phoning just to hear her voice.
  • cooking for yourself when she is away to give birth to the baby.
  • not being jealous when he/she spends time with the children.
  • not letting her down.
  • cooking him a dessert when you are on a diet.
  • dressing perfumes just before he comes home.
  • finding his has a high “kissability” factor.

Does that sound about right to you? I think we might be missing some ideas here. What is love to you?