Getting Social again

I took a break from Facebook for all of July. It was actually pretty nice. Yes I miss my friends random stories and things like that, but for the most part it had just become politics and memes. And there are better places for that.

So this month, I intend to re-open my Facebook account, but just long enough to export my contents, put them on a private site, then re-distribute what I want to keep. And, I’ll need to re-admin some of my groups or convince them to move. Then I’ll delete Facebook for good.

I’m not gonna quit social media altogether. I do like meme sharing and things like that. But I want to avoid companies that intentionally profiting from hatred, division, and the destruction of our democracy.

My friend James introduced me to MLTSHP, which I hope to get into more for meme sharing. Here’s his take on what’s out there:

Back in November, I shared some thoughts on social networks. I had just joined Tumblr at the time, so I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with …

On Social Networks – Tumblr


  1. Alvaro Gómez Velasco

    I quit IG and FB 2+ years ago. I will sometimes have to log into my accounts to test work-related stuff and I find those news/updates tedious and jarring. No more.

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