Finding Fizzy Zen

Don’t you hate it when a dream ends on a cliffhanger?

That happened to me last night. The plot was pretty epic. Felt like an entire TV series, even, but then it just dropped off. I thought about trying to write down what I had, but it was just too much.

Then I happened across this fun one from two years ago, and figured I’d share that instead. ENJOY:

Well, that was one of my weirder dreams for sure. We were going about our lives: traveling, watching movies, driving fast cars, worrying about being late, fussing with elaborate hairdos for weddings and what not (seems I was trying to get my nephew’s short hair into a “loose n’ lacy” man-bun because that was a thing), when we suddenly discovered we were all actually just a bunch of molecules in a can of Dr. Pepper. And not quite knowing what to do with that information and the ensuing pandemonium, all of us simultaneously started doing yoga, with a green screened Erik Estrada leading the way on world-wide TV. “Life is just a bottle of fun!” And I followed for some time, and felt all sorts of Fizzy Zen, until I realized he too was feeling the existential dread.

Thank goodness for morning alarms.

Dream from August 16, 2018. I tried to illustrate it here:

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