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Geeky mom and maybe a warrior princess.
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Pride Month and Prejudice

“Beware of pride.” It’s a phrase that’s very common, especially in my faith. Pride as I’ve known it, is associated with hard hearts, stiff necks, upturned noses, and general disgust and disdain for others. It’s the refusal to let love of God and love for others influence our actions and our hearts.

So what does that have to do with a day, week, or month-long celebration of the LGBTQ+ community?

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It’s not the Media. It’s us.

Last week I went to a town hall by Rep. John Curtis. I’m not a Republican, but I appreciate his efforts to listen to all of his district. I like his pragmatism. And I hold him to a high standard. That’s why I fact checked him on one important point.

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Rethinking Easy

I wrote a little about going back to school here. What I didn’t tell you was why it took so long to finish in the first place. Sure, a huge factor is that the single mom gig is pretty time consuming. But the real issue is that math has been a struggle for me.

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Back to School

If you knew me when I was a kid, you knew I was a huge nerd. So who would have thought I wouldn’t finish my first college degree until after I had kids of my own?

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On Trump and the Worth of Souls

“Well, he’s just being honest. If things are so great in those countries, why would anyone try to leave?”

As long as we’re valuing honesty, let’s take a look at the context.

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How to get ABS glue off an acrylic tub

My contractor is just prepping to install my brand new, beautiful acrylic tub. Not sure quite how it happened but he called me in asking about comet or a green scrubby sponge. “That’s not safe for Acrylic, is it?” He said, “It’s an emergency… this stuff is already drying!” Alas! Several drips of black abs glue were marring the surface of my new bathtub.