The Family Dog

Our little girl has taken to chewing on socks, and for the life of me I can’t get her to stop. Actually of course she can’t eat a sock if one’s not available in the first place. But anytime Ethan gets home he sheds his shoes and socks immediately and in the most random places. […]


Addicted to DSL

I took the leap and got DSL installed for a month to make my pre-move job searching easier. And its made an addict of me. Anytime I walk by the kitchen I have to sit down and check the job sites, check my email, read message boards, chat with my family, you name it. But […]


All systems go!

Well, almost. 🙂 I haven’t finished working on this site but I guess that’s the idea with having a dynamic page: it can easily be added to and changed. And now that I CAN easily do that, I will. Read on for a quick explanation of the links on the left.