GV7 Choir Music

Thanks for being willing to sing. You are needed in this little choir! This song — which we are singing on the 18th — only has two or three parts through most of it. The upper and lower voices often sing different words and rhythms, though, so I think it’s worth listening through a few times if you can.

I typed up the whole song so you can follow along with the music. You can press play (the triangle icon) here, or you can open the whole thing in a new tab so you can see more at once.

The upper voices without any other parts are here.
And the lower voices alone are here.

If you prefer MP3, you can get that here.

Let’s meet this coming Sunday the 11th after church at my house
(861 N 950 W). I’ll make treats.

We will likely need to meet again on Saturday the 17th (is 9:30am OK?), and for one last warm-up and run-through before sacrament meeting (at 10am) on the 18th.

If you need more help, want me to run through parts with you (I have some availability this week), or have any questions, text or call me:
801-857-0777. Thank you!