2017 Resolutions

This year I’m going for simple and flexible, but daily actions nonetheless. Every day I want to:

  • Finish something I’ve been meaning to do
  • Show love to God, to others, and even to myself
  • Show gratitude: take care of and joy in the blessings I’ve got
  • Let go of something that held me back the day before
  • Keep going with the things that are getting me closer to where I want to be🙂

They say it’s not really a goal if it isn’t specific and measurable, but I think I can put the specific and measurable into each day. I also think I could put some measurability into a few goals: things I know I should be doing more often but I don’t always take the time to do, like:

  • visit the temple (update: I did this more than 6x!)
  • have friends over for dinner (this too!)
  • read a book just for fun (and this!)
  • complete a minor home improvement project (I ended up doing a few moderate projects and a major one at the end of the year)
  • run 5K (1x done!) (update: I was sick a lot so this didn’t work out)
  • aqua zumba! (2x done!) (This also didn’t work out)

I’m sorry if this sounds pathetic, but: if I did each of those at least 6 times this year, I’d do as well if not better than I did in 2016. That’d be worth it, right? And if I get them all done sooner than later, maybe the habits will carry on through the year.

My hope is that with those actions, at the end of the year I’ll have a home that’s a bit homier, a body that’s a bit healthier, and relationships that are stronger. I’m hoping for better discipline, a sharper mind, and a bigger heart. I’m hoping that these small steps will add up to a very happy new year indeed.

How about you?

Why Disney Princesses Travel with Animal Sidekicks

While chatting over breakfast, we had realized that Disney Princesses really do tend to have animal* companions. And I think we figured out why they use that trope: a human companion would create too much competition for the movie’s primary relationship. But if a princess didn’t have a companion at all, she’d basically have to talk to herself to communicate with the audience.

Well Disney, my girl has another idea for you:

They could have a princess who blogs. Think about it:

“Episode 98: Hello world! Today I was attacked by bad guys, again. But… I’m still surprisingly beautiful.”

You’re welcome.

*exceptions we could think of: Meridah WAS an animal, and Olaf was technically a snowman. Still, non-human. I can also think of a few movies where princesses travelled with humans, but tension over relationship competition was part of their plot. Can you think of any more?

And now: how to encourage your readers to vote :)

I jumped the gun the other day in publishing that article: now all WordPress.com site owners can help their readers check registration status, or register if needed, via SMS.

If you’re on WordPress.com, you can enable it for your site’s visitors, too. Head over to https://wordpress.com/settings and select your site. Scroll down, and just under your time zone and what not, you’ll find this:

US Voter Registration Form
[] Encourage your US-based visitors to register to vote by adding a subtle prompt to your site

It looks like this:


Check that box, save your settings, and tada! Suddenly you’re making an even bigger difference than you would with your vote alone, because you’re encouraging your friends and readers as well.

It’s been a bizarre election year, but I believe if everyone will take the time to check out the options and vote for the one who represents them best (instead of just voting against the worst) it really will shape our world for the better. See you at the polls!


My girl asked today: “If you were to go on an epic adventure, like in Lord of the Rings, what is the smell from home that you would feel most nostalgic about?”

Normally I’d just post this privately for the memories, but she would love to hear your answers.

I said french fries and brownies. Her answer?

“Acne wash. Because you always wash your face before you tuck me in at night.”