Working on the website

I am about to unleash the power of mysql and php! From here on out, the site will have a news feed area, a special area for friends and family, and best of all it will be really easy to keep everything updated.

It’s been a bit of a scary process. I knew some sql, and I knew some php, but I didn’t know how to put the two together. Well I finally found something that will work for me. (more…)

Kudos from Conor

Your graphic for the “Setup Time under 10 minutes” snagged us another hosting client this morning. In her email to me she specifically said that the only reason she went with us was that it said setup in 10 minutes. The 30 day money back probably didn’t hurt either, but the setup time is what secured the deal. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. (more…)

The Cereal Incident

This is an old photo but will probably become one of the most cherished. Unfortunately I’ve only got this little version, because my photo CD I’d burned a whole batch to went bad.

This is Mary on the day Ethan learned to stack packages of diapers to use as stepping stools. He got into the pantry, reached Mary’s cereal, and dumped it all over her.

I am sorry but I just had to take a picture…

Poor Mary!
Poor Mary!

Symbiotic Love

This is one of my all time favorite pics of my kids. Ethan’s squeezing Mary for all she’s worth, while she chews on his arm.

I took it right after getting the digital camera & am updating the date stamp to make it in the right timeline.

Yes I’ve messed with the colors on this one: I’d had the saturation turned up too high and the obnoxious tablecloth in the background was super distracting until I desaturated the pic. Enjoy!!

Ethan and Mary
Ethan and Mary