Kudos from Bill at Dupont

Bill: well, next time you see your boss, let him know that some folks “back east” were just absolutely delighted to work with you, that you were knowledgable, helpful, friendly, and accessible. darned rare to find that anymore.

(also when Dave Furior called in he said he was so glad to get this trouble-ticket from Iris because he’d get to call “Velda” again. lol.)

Magic Date Ball

Do you need answers for your love life, and “Try Again Later” just isn’t cutting it anymore? Try my new Magic Date Ball! The Date Ball was inspired by Wendys and “50 Cent Night” at […]

Happy Holidays in General…

I just realized I’d left my Thanksgiving message up for more than 2 weeks past the date. Sorry ’bout that.

Life’s been super busy as usual with work and all. It seems its only going to get busier for a while but its fun work; I get to be really creative in my problem solving and work to streamline processes while providing a higher quality of work. We’ve about proved our process now and our program is done and getting implemented this next week. It’s been very exciting. What a great job!

A couple of people have contacted me about freelance opportunities lately. I would love to take them but I don’t want to get involved in any project I can’t handle right now with my work schedule. If you’re someone whose contacted me and I’ve turned you away for lack of time, I’m really sorry, soon I should have a little more time. If you’re someone who needs help with a very small project hook me up cause I’d love to have a little extra to help with the Christmas Cheer.

Happy holidays to all!