Love God, love your neighbor… for Christians these are the two greatest commandments, because all other laws hinge on these, right?

Today I realized my testimony is built on a foundation of love as well: learning to feel God’s love for me, and recognizing his immense love for all of us. Everything else I believe in really does hinge on that. So when I’m struggling, I try to go back to feeling that love, first.

I’m finally combining all of the sites back into one. The look and feel is one thing. I’m a bit sad to retire my really old look and feel (circa 2003) and am considering some kind of nod toward it.

But I’m trying to not focus on the theme too much, because the bigger project is reorganizing all this stuff and uploading larger versions of old pictures. Hopefully it’ll all pull together nicely.

“Mary, don’t criticize Mom for her Utah accent.”

Never thought I’d hear my kids say that! Utah accent? Me? I guess I did grow up in “American Fark” — though I’ve never heard anyone under age 82 call it that seriously.

This criticism was invoked when I said “Settlers of Catan” with three syllables in Settlers.


Mary calls it “Set-lers” instead.

How do you say it? 😛

Ethan helped me move a twin-sized bed (a mattress, box spring, and frame) down two flights of stairs this morning.

“What a man!” I exclaimed, then added, “And I mean that in the best of ways.”

Said Ethan, “Thanks, Mom. Sometimes I feel like I’m not so manly. But I also mean that in the best of ways.”

“That was so disturbing, we probably should have stuck it on youtube!” -Mary

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