Admittedly, my photos aren’t the best out there; in fact they’re far from it. My little point and shoot camera isn’t much to speak of. But every now and then I end up with a photo I like… not because my technique is so amazing (someday I hope to get better at that) or that the photo is so well done, but just that it really does MEAN something to me. Even if I still type a thousand words to go with it ;-)

I also do a little bit of contract photography, so I’ll file those items here as well.

Mini Bouquet

Today the kids and I walked to the back of the yard and into the field, where we found ladybugs, dandelions, speckled rocks, forget-me-nots, and all sorts of tiny wild flowers. I couldn’t catch a picture of the ladybugs but here’s a mini-bouquet I picked and Mary flaunting a dandelion she found. TGIS – Thank […]


First Tattoo

Thank goodness it wasn’t really a tattoo or I wouldn’t have thought it was so cute. I walked into the living room and at first Ethan looked startled and seemed to want to hide, but then a grin spread across his face as he held up his arm and announced, “I’ve got a great surprise […]


You wanna piece of Meat?!?

Thanksgiving was a Blast. Rick and MaryBeth were in town with their kids, so OF COURSE Ethan and Aren had to get into some wrestling matches. Their “Bring It On” line? “Do you want a piece of MEAT?!” Actually I think Aren had it right but Ethan and Mary still sound more like they’re serving […]


Fall Foliage

I hate Fall… it’s the precursor to Winter, and the closest I come to skiing is sliding down the freeway. But I’ve got to admit that the colors, while they last, are just beautiful. Enjoy this pic of some leaves I gathered today.