Imagine me rapping.

OK, I can’t really imagine that either, but we’ll pretend. I’d posted this as an introduction of sorts for my coworkers. I figure it applies here just as well:

So my name is Velda like Zelda with a V
I go by supernovia on IRC
Named after my grandma because Velda was her nick,
but don’t ask about MY handle cause that story makes me sick.

Since twenty-oh-eight I’m a WordPress fanatic
Now I’m finally working for Automattic.
Yeah, I’m this random mixup of half artist and half geek
Lovin fonts and FOSS, and giving my critique.
I’m a single mormon mommy and a serious contender —
Best rapper? Not a chance. But I’ve got the best blender.
(Don’t breathe this!)

Star Trek and The Doctor occupy my TV
But don’t give me Enterprise, I’m after TNG!
And I’m hiking when I can, but you know I go slow,
cause I’m out of breath or snapping tons of photos.
I love looking at the sky with my friends and my kids,
Watching an eclipse, or catching Leonids.
For the past few years I’ve danced some Lindy and Blues
And I finally invested in a pair of dancing shoes.
I would be amiss if I didn’t mention
UPHPU is my posse and I know it.
I love open source and I’m not afraid to show it.

Well I’m out of ideas on stuff you’d want to know —
I’m ridiculously shy, even more on video.
But even if I’m scared I really love a kindred geek
So holla, give a hug, and don’t be afraid to speak.