Admittedly, my photos aren’t the best out there; in fact they’re far from it. My little point and shoot camera isn’t much to speak of. But every now and then I end up with a photo I like… not because my technique is so amazing (someday I hope to get better at that) or that the photo is so well done, but just that it really does MEAN something to me. Even if I still type a thousand words to go with it ;-)

I also do a little bit of contract photography, so I’ll file those items here as well.

It’s my party, I can cry if I want to

My daughter turned 1 on the 11th. She wasn’t feeling terribly well so we decided to postpone her REAL birthday party till sometime this week and just take her and her in-town cousins to McDonald’s. Here she is “enjoying” her birthday cake. In other news, I’ve got another interview today with Nuskin and I am […]


The Family Dog

Our little girl has taken to chewing on socks, and for the life of me I can’t get her to stop. Actually of course she can’t eat a sock if one’s not available in the first place. But anytime Ethan gets home he sheds his shoes and socks immediately and in the most random places. […]


The Cereal Incident

This is an old photo but will probably become one of the most cherished. Unfortunately I’ve only got this little version, because my photo CD I’d burned a whole batch to went bad. This is Mary on the day Ethan learned to stack packages of diapers to use as stepping stools. He got into the […]


Symbiotic Love

This is one of my all time favorite pics of my kids. Ethan’s squeezing Mary for all she’s worth, while she chews on his arm. I took it right after getting the digital camera & am updating the date stamp to make it in the right timeline. Yes I’ve messed with the colors on this […]