I noticed my first real, deep wrinkle before I turned 30. It streaked across my forehead, a rogue disclosure of the pain I was trying so hard to hide back then. Two more wrinkles—perpendicular to the first—developed in just a few turbulent months in 2014.  I don’t furrow my brow much anymore, and certainly don’t […]

That time I actually was a legend

Or at least a legendary creature, right? These custom Magic the Gathering cards are literally the coolest speaker swag I’ve ever seen. Kudos to Chris (Jazz Sequence) for setting these up — and for running WordCamp SLC for the past two years. I’ll be posting my slides this week. They just need more context than […]

None of the Above

“A vote for ______ is a vote for ______!” Both sides are saying it, both with hefty helpings of shame or fear. So why cast a protest vote if your candidate can’t win? It all depends on where you stand.