Geek Speak

Notes and nerdy talk from the girl who’s such a geek, she’s made herself a #0 Geek t-shirt to prove it.

Hop up like a Pop up

I don’t know when I started using this phrase with my kids as a way to hurry them out of bed in the morning. Incidentally, it’s lost its magic. This morning Mary responded, “So what is a pop up anyway?” I guess I’d always pictured gophers when I said that, but I laughed and told […]


Design vs Trends

My blog has always been a random hodgepodge of whatever happens to be on my mind. Luckily, WordPress allows you to subscribe to a single tag. Posts tagged with DGM2740 are responses to reading assignments from my Web Design class. You’re welcome to stick around if you’d like.


Sincere Comment Spam

Who doesn’t love a kind comment, and yet who likes to support a spammer? Consider this comment, for example: Just Googled and read the whole article and i must have to say that me and my husband loved reading your post. I liked your site because of the easy language you used to explain things […]