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Three things I've learned in my Web Design Class

You might know I’m going back to school full time trying to (finally) get my degree and fill in any gaps left in my education and self confidence. But I thought my web design class would be more of a review than anything, since I’ve been designing websites and reading design related blogs for quite a while now. In some ways it has been, but I’ve still learned quite a bit. And the lessons that will stay with me best have little to do with xhtml and css.

They have a fight, Standards Win

Like anyone at all involved in the business of making websites work, I’ve witnessed and participated in a number of intense debates this week regarding the future of Flash. Apple’s iPad will not be supporting Flash, and many have speculated that this is the beginning of the end for Flash.

Design vs Trends

My blog has always been a random hodgepodge of whatever happens to be on my mind. Luckily, WordPress allows you to subscribe to a single tag. Posts tagged with DGM2740 are responses to reading assignments from my Web Design class. You’re welcome to stick around if you’d like.

How to quickly trim a log in Linux – Maybe?

To cut to the chase: This worked best for me in a pinch:

tail -n 100 /var/log/logfile > tempfile
cat tempfile > /var/log/logfile
rm -f tempfile

… and then restart the process that’s doing the logging.

If you want to read my long winded journey to that solution, I’ve preserved it in the rest of this post.