Geek Speak

Notes and nerdy talk from the girl who’s such a geek, she’s made herself a #0 Geek t-shirt to prove it.

Blender box redesign

So I’m realizing there are many, many design projects I’ve done but not posted for one reason or another. In this case, it’s because we had to make a few tweaks to the box design, but this was a fun project nonetheless. I actually don’t have my originals here since those were Blendtec’s, but I […]


Playing with Kels' Camera

So… I’ve neglected the photography section of my blog for a long time. The truth is, I started out with a pretty decent Nikon CoolPix 5700… or it was cool, at least, when I bought it. When that broke, I downgraded to a tiny little Canon Elph. And when that broke, I started using just […]


Fun with Judo

We just downloaded Judo last week so I could figure out how to program. Today I decided to make a spot making program. Mary asked for 999,999 spots and it took a long time, so I wondered how many spots my program could make per second. So at first we just tried counting and calculating, […]


Geeks in training

“The island itself is only two million, but of course we’d want a house and stuff like that… so do you think if we work together we can earn 8 million dollars? That way we’ll each still have three million to spend.” Sigh. Such is the typical back-seat conversation these days as we go to […]


Will it Blend?

Okay, most of you who know me personally know I’m ridiculously happy at my new job. I’m currently redesigning, and little else could fuzzify my geeky little heart like this does. But many of you, particularly my girl friends, have never heard of “Will It Blend” or Blendtec. And when I say “Oh! It’s […]