Prologue to a much geekier blog

So, I’ve divided up my geekiness from my momminess — though, if you know me at all, you’re aware that I am truly a very geeky mom and an equally mommy-esque geek: the differentiation exists on the interwebs alone.

Technically, I’ve got quite a bit of cleanup to do both here and there, as well as a number of hairy redirects (or perhaps I’ll only redirect popular articles and clean up my internal links) but I figure I’ll let cowpaths be cowpaths and let each blog take whatever direction it will before I polish either one.

For those of you who didn’t know, I’ve started a brand new blog:, wherein I’ll unabashedly cover subjects from Mormonism to Maryisms without worry that such postings will inadvertently turn up at Utah Open Source Planet or as fodder for highly awkward job interviews. Likewise, I’ll be able to post geeky stuff here without coming across as a mumbler to my non-geeky mom friends.

Anyhow, so whether you fit best here, or there, or still prefer to read both, know that I do hope this will work out well for you as my reader, too. On to geekier matters…

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