Gildan Ladies Shirt Styles & Color Chart

I needed this information and had a hard time gathering it from their online catalog, so … here you go. Three ladies t-shirt cuts (Gildan 64000L, 5000L, and 2000L) in their available colors, and with pertinent information. Judging by the sizes of the women’s arms, I’m guessing the “Junior Fit” is actually quite a bitContinue reading “Gildan Ladies Shirt Styles & Color Chart”

Fixing broken images after moving WordPress

2015 EDIT: This applies only if you’ve moved your WordPress installation from one folder in your system to another.  If you’re actually migrating to another host (like from your own installation at to a managed installation at ) use the export and import feature instead. I’ll write about troubleshooting that in a new post, butContinue reading “Fixing broken images after moving WordPress”