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Alfred Tips from JoeyKudish

Today I heard about the cool search tool called Alfred. It reminded me of this HISHE where Batman and Superman discuss The Batphone+Alfred vs Siri. Hehe. So far, though, Alfred is so cool. One of my colleagues recommended these links to help me get started, and I thought I’d write them down so I don’t […]


Laser focus!

Who is your audience, and what do they want? Here is a great article from A List Apart that explains why cutting the clutter makes for “A Future Friendly Web”… and a web that works well now, too. The key to a great website isn’t a matter of implementing the latest trendy trick. It’s simply […]


Fixing broken images after moving WordPress

2015 EDIT: This applies only if you’ve moved your WordPress installation from one folder in your system to another.  If you’re actually migrating to another host (like from your own installation at to a managed installation at ) use the export and import feature instead. I’ll write about troubleshooting that in a new post, but […]


Grunge Logo Design

A potential client called wanting to know if I could do grunge, so I made this logo for my friend (an undertaker turned programmer) for a concept, since a grungy, decayed look would fit his online name well.  This is what I’ve got: I think, in this case, the grunge look communicates well.  I also […]


What's wrong with this picture?

“You’re just the judge, jury, and executioner of the world!” my friend teased after I pointed out yet another oddity in a passing billboard. “No, just of their designs.” Well, technically I’d said “logos” rather than “designs” but really it goes for design in general. And, while I wouldn’t exactly call myself an executioner, I […]


Construction-barrel Daleks?

This little map is just a few miles worth of the city where I grew up, and the orange-line overlays represent major road construction we’ve run into just this week. I did the map yesterday, and, after another frustratingly difficult drive home (seriously, even if you take the bus you can’t navigate this city!) I […]