It wasn’t so long ago that I forked one blog into two.  I think my hope then was to actually get a real mommy blog following, or a real geeky blog following, but with my attention so divided I never really did either.

I now have Yet Another Blog: .  Cooler name. Makes me sound like I’ve got a gigantic ego if you don’t know the video game, but the only potential people visiting that site who don’t know the game *do* know me well enough that I wouldn’t really be worried.

I’m thinking of consolidating them all again.

My concern: getting overly personal in a public space. But it’s not like this site or the mommy blog aren’t public.  What do you think?

Working at Automattic

In case you hadn’t heard, yep, I’m working for Automattic now and I love it. So I’m not available for projects right now. If you’d still like to contact me, I may be able to refer you out to people I know who would suit you well, based on the kind of project you need.

Meanwhile, this site has definitely taken a back seat — sorry about that. I do have two other blog blogs, here and here. Honestly I’m starting to rather regret splitting them all up, since it’s hard to decide what to post where. But, it is what it is. Anyway, thus I end mine epistle. Take care for now. 🙂

Alfred Tips from JoeyKudish

Today I heard about the cool search tool called Alfred. It reminded me of this HISHE where Batman and Superman discuss The Batphone+Alfred vs Siri.

Hehe. So far, though, Alfred is so cool. One of my colleagues recommended these links to help me get started, and I thought I’d write them down so I don’t lose them before I can get through:

1) power pack is totally worth it
2) awesome extensions
3) tips
4) more tips
5) moar extensions

that’s it 🙂

Gildan Ladies Shirt Styles & Color Chart

I needed this information and had a hard time gathering it from their online catalog, so … here you go. Three ladies t-shirt cuts (Gildan 64000L, 5000L, and 2000L) in their available colors, and with pertinent information.

Judging by the sizes of the women’s arms, I’m guessing the “Junior Fit” is actually quite a bit tighter than the other two. I’m hoping to gather that information as well. In my experience, feminine-cut shirts from American Apparel run VERY small, shirts from Bella run moderately small… and … I’ve yet to try these. So, we’ll see how it goes. I’m also going to try to take a little field trip to the shirt-print place today to see how these fit.

In the meantime, enjoy the chart. Oh, and if you need help getting YOUR shirts printed, let me know 🙂

gildan ladies' shirts color chart

Laser focus!

Who is your audience, and what do they want? Here is a great article from A List Apart that explains why cutting the clutter makes for “A Future Friendly Web”… and a web that works well now, too.

The key to a great website isn’t a matter of implementing the latest trendy trick. It’s simply to ask: who is my audience, and what do they want? Then make it easy for them to get just that.

Fixing broken images after moving WordPress

2015 EDIT: This applies only if you’ve moved your WordPress installation from one folder in your system to another.  If you’re actually migrating to another host (like from your own installation at to a managed installation at ) use the export and import feature instead. I’ll write about troubleshooting that in a new post, but you can also find info here and  here.

This advice applies to individual installations that have been moved to  a different directory on the server. In my case, I had moved my installation out of the “ideablog” directory and into my web root.  It’s really just a simple MySQL Find and Replace, but here you go.

A few days after moving this blog to a different folder, I realized all of my older posts had broken images. Luckily, the fix was a relatively easy find-and-replace in my favorite little MySQL client. Or even my unfavorite client. I used phpMyAdmin, and after making a backup of my database, it went something like this:

UPDATE `wp_posts` SET post_content = REPLACE( post_content, '', '' )

So, for example, if you blog was at and you’ve moved it to, and now you want to fix the broken image links, you would back up your database and run a query like this:

UPDATE `wp_posts` SET post_content = REPLACE( post_content, '', '' )

It’s just important to be sure to use enough of the old url that you’ll avoid replacing the wrong things. You wouldn’t want to replace ALL instances of the word nyan with ponycorn, right?

I hope that helps!

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