Working for Rocks: Updated

So we’ve officially rebooted our Pebble Economy. The new charts are done, and we’ve been doing it for a week. It’s actually much the same as my bio kids and I did years ago, but prices have gone up and I’ve added definitions. Our job chart is now two pages, front and back, and is […]


Stuff My Kid has Programmed

This braggy parent moment comes courtesy of one of my favorite programmers. Pictured here is the regular Air Hockey game I’ve told some of you about. I’m not sure why he has a green circle around the puck right now (probably testing something – and he hasn’t quite grasped the idea of keeping a good […]


geeks on vacataion

I get my kids all week this week, so I took some time off work for “vacation.” But did I take them to Disneyland? No. Amid hikes, home organization, a birthday (mine!), a wedding (not mine!), and a dozen other random things we have going, I challenged my kids to build a Pok√©mon Database. That’s […]