Velda Christensen
(801) 857-0777


Happiness Engineer at Automattic

– Provided public support across all Automattic brands
– Piloted webinars and helped launch Quick Start Support
– Helped cultivate a healthier volunteer community

Design and Marketing at Blendtec

– Produced copy and design for website, boxes, books, and marketing materials
– Led Social Media Marketing to include more chefs, community leaders, and bloggers.

IT at Hands-On Web Hosting

– Tamed wild web servers (CentOS, Apache & cPanel)
– Helped grow the company to 3x its initial size
– Designed products, marketing materials, and website
– Provided and managed online sales and support.

Analyst / Project Manager at iLinc / Glyphics

– Analyzed and improved event registration process
– Scoped, designed, and helped develop an online event registration system
– Provided documentation, and training to call centers

Freelance Web & Graphic Design

– Design, photography, themes and skins for various carts and content management systems
– Took great pride helping clients be successful

Community Work

WordPress Workshop Organizer

– Led a monthly community workshop for the Small Business Development Center, connecting small business owners to the WordPress community

Utah Open Source / UtahWP

– Logo design, audio mixing, interface design, poster creation, swag management, brochure design, and anything else that needed to be done


“Her communication is top notch, and she really does care and looks out for the interest of our users.”

–Timmy Crawford, Automattic

“Next time you see your boss, let him know that some folks “back east” were just absolutely delighted to work with you, that you were knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and accessible. Darned rare to find that anymore.”

–Dave and Bill, Dupont IT

“Velda is always quick to respond and knows how to solve problems as if they weren’t problems in the first place. To top it off, she is fun, has a great sense of playfulness, and a superb eye for design.”

–Cathy Malmrose, Zareason

“She is one of the brightest and most dependable people I have ever worked with.”

–Perry Kassing, iLinc

“I have never in all my sixteen years of computing, and having had many, many contacts with Tech Support people, been so completely amazed at one person’s dedication to a company and its customers.”

–Joan Osburn, IEEE

“Velda is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is extremely sharp, eager to learn new skills, a great team player and always ready to help.”

–Michael Koenig, COO at Sweet

“She thrived on the challenge and became one of the most respected individuals within the organization because of her critical thinking and interpersonal skills.”

–Sean Sampson, Deal Desk Operations