Moving to “Mostly Personal”

I started out this site with the idea that it’d be a personable but still geared toward web design. But freelancing in itself is a full time job, as is being a mom of two babies. So when I started working for another company full time 8-5 (or even 7-7 sometimes), my freelancing has had to take a backburner.

So what does this mean for you? I can still handle the small projects and plan to continue handling them to keep up my skills until I can go back to freelancing full time.

If I am CURRENTLY working with you on a large project, don’t worry, you’re already in my schedule. If you’ve got a larger scale project, let me know what aspect of my work you like best. I’ll do what I can to accommodate, and if you’re willing, I’ll refer the rest of the project to one of my capable and trusted peers.

And if you’re just one of those people who reads my site for the heck of it because you like or can identify with my off-beat ways and silly articles (I LOVE YOU!), you can expect more random articles and mini-projects. “NovaPages” is my creative outlet. 🙂

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