Stories of My Life

AKA “the blog” – this is a hodge-podge mixup of everything else I feel like posting.

Oh, snap.

There’s a Russian superstition saying it’s terrible luck to step outside without looking in a mirror first. I’m thinking they might be right. This morning, I deliberately put on jeans before rushing the kids to school. I wanted to pick up a few items at the grocery store, but figured with my feral hair, painted […]


Splitting up…

So I’ve actually been thinking about dividing my personal stuff back out into a separate blog again. It would be a lot of work, but I think I would be able to much better showcase my geek/designer/marketing skills here if I took the mommy/faith/life stuff over to another blog. I’d also feel far more comfortable […]


Charter School Drama

Anyone who knows me knows I -love- my kids’ school. I’ve blogged about some of the amazing things they do. I am super heartbroken, though, about all the politics and drama. Several excellent teachers were recently let go without warning or explanation. Now it feels like we’ve got two camps battling each other: the business/leadership […]


The new resumé is up.

My last post detailed the problems I found with my old resumé, so I’m hoping this new one addresses them sufficiently. This is what I was after: 1) Job Titles don’t match experience: If the title doesn’t match, name the departments instead; the goal is to provide more meaning in fewer words. 2) Layout issues: […]


Rethinking my Resumé

I haven’t really updated my resume since 2002 when a professional writer wrote some descriptions for me in exchange for some work. At that time, I didn’t feel like the “action phrases” really portrayed the value I would bring a company. They sounded fairly bombastic to me, but necessary anyway as far as I knew. […]



These past few weeks have been more than a little nuts with the stress of quitting my job, putting my old house up for sale, and a number of other random things. That’s probably why I got sick on Wednesday and had to spend most of Thursday resting, too. So when I woke up on […]