Charter School Drama

Anyone who knows me knows I -love- my kids’ school. I’ve blogged about some of the amazing things they do. I am super heartbroken, though, about all the politics and drama. Several excellent teachers were recently let go without warning or explanation. Now it feels like we’ve got two camps battling each other: the business/leadership end of the school, and the teachers and founding parents. The parents who are most involved in the leadership and grown-up meetings appear to support the terminations. The parents who spent most of their time working with the teachers, naturally support the teachers. The founding parents who put their blood, sweat, and tears into this are extremely concerned, and the parents (like me) who haven’t spent as much time at the school this year are confused and wondering whether it’s worth the drama.

I heard many comments at last night’s board meeting (and I was extremely proud of my son for deciding to comment himself!) but one of them I heard at a meeting-before-the-meeting rather surprised me. Something along the lines of, “If we do that, then they win.” And I thought, “Who are THEY? What are THEY?” — yeah, so on the rare occasion when I do think in words, it apparently comes in the form of song lyrics, thank you Jem! Whatever. Anyway, what ever happened to “WE” as a whole?

It feels like each group has been handed 250 jigsaw pieces when in fact the whole puzzle needs all 1000 pieces. A successful charter school needs good teachers, a good administration, wise board leadership, and willing parents, who can all take a step back and see that the big picture: it is all about the kids. We’d work better as a team, and you don’t even have to take my word for it.


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