Renaissance Academy’s World Language Fair

We had such a great time at Renaissance Academy’s World Language Fair tonight. A teen from Malaysia taught us how to do Dikir Barak. My video got a little goofed up, but it went something like this: Another student from Bethlehem played an awesome piano piece. My kids’ Arabic teacher from Jordan gave us someContinue reading “Renaissance Academy’s World Language Fair”

Education: Birth Control & Self Control

Note: I’m just cross posting my facebook status and a few of my comments so my thoughts are easy to find later on. If you’d like to share or comment, please do. You might have heard Utah passed an abstinence-only education bill. Regardless of what you believe schools should be required to teach, I thoughtContinue reading “Education: Birth Control & Self Control”

Cloud in a Bottle: A Quick Water Cycle Experiment

I learned this neat science experiment in a college Meteorology class. Yes, some of us do get a higher education in talking about the weather 🙂 And I can be a bit obsessed. Anyway, you’ll need: A clear, somewhat flexible water bottle with a cap A few drops of water About 30 minutes of WarmthContinue reading “Cloud in a Bottle: A Quick Water Cycle Experiment”