Renaissance Academy’s World Language Fair

We had such a great time at Renaissance Academy’s World Language Fair tonight. A teen from Malaysia taught us how to do Dikir Barak. My video got a little goofed up, but it went something like this:

Another student from Bethlehem played an awesome piano piece. My kids’ Arabic teacher from Jordan gave us some super yummy spice (Sumac) after we tasted the awesomeness of it on some hummus, we met a girl from Morocco who had the most gorgeous outfit ever, and saw some way cool items from Egypt.

There were people from Brazil, Hungary, Spain, Japan, China, Germany, … the list goes on… all with food or music or cool art pieces to look at, and all with great stories and ideas to share.

There are things we love about Renaissance Academy. There are things we don’t love so much, like the political stuff that tends to go hand in hand with charter schools. I have considered homeschooling my kids so they can learn at their own pace. But the one thing keeping us tied to this school it their World Language program. Seriously, if you’re in Utah and can come next year (near the end of March or early April) — do. You won’t regret it.

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