General Conference Ideas?

Every now and then I see a list of good-mommy ideas that make me feel like a horrible mother. Check this out:

Are you kidding? Gift baskets full of conference ideas, tied with cute little cards? We did try the King Benjamin tent idea once or twice, but they were totally wild and didn’t listen at all. It turned into a “The tent is up to -help- you listen. If that isn’t working, it’s going down; no more tent.” And that was the end of the tent attempts.

Ever since then, my kids get pancakes during the first session while we listen. We take notes in our journals. We can cuddle on the couch or do what a good friend suggested and put a special puzzle together. This year we might work on a collage, since I’m enjoying making those lately. Keeps our hands busy and our minds engaged without being too distracting. We take a walk between sessions, then enjoy soup and sandwiches while listening to the second session.

We have some soft foam blocks (quiet) that they’ve built temples out of. That was another fun one. But I really haven’t gone out of my way to be anything but spiritually prepared. Maybe not even that. I’m OK with naps, and I’m OK with commentary about the talks. Overly simple? Maybe. I just hope they’re getting what they need out of it.

What do you do?

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