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About those writing resolutions…

So last year I made a poor resolution. To resolve to “do _____ every day” unless it’s to breathe or sleep is probably not going to happen.  I resolved to blog every day, and to write more on FB than I did here.

Well, if I count my work posts and the posts I made with homeschooling my kids for the first half of 2014, I probably rocked it actually, since we use internal blogs to communicate.  But posts to my personal blogs? Eh, not so much.

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Ethan on Chance

As I was saying goodnight to Ethan, we were chatting a little bit about family — kids, my parents, his grandparents, my grandparents, his future kids, etc. Suddenly he gave me a tight hug and said, “Don’t worry.”

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Going up

I’ve debated whether I have anything worth posting. But how often can one really justify everything they say as being truly necessary and super amazing? So I might as well be real.