About those writing resolutions…

So last year I made a poor resolution. To resolve to “do _____ every day” unless it’s to breathe or sleep is probably not going to happen.  I resolved to blog every day, and to write more on FB than I did here.

Well, if I count my work posts and the posts I made with homeschooling my kids for the first half of 2014, I probably rocked it actually, since we use internal blogs to communicate.  But posts to my personal blogs? Eh, not so much.

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Growing Tomatoes & Remembering Tips

This tip for growing tomatoes seems like it might work well for our dry climate… basically make a watering bucket and plant them around that. I’m not ready to plant tomatoes yet. Saving the link for later.

By the way, sharing an item on your FB wall doesn’t really help you save it for later, because you can’t come back to find it. My blog, on the other hand, is searchable and tagable, making articles like this easy to find when I need them. 🙂

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