Ethan on Chance

As I was saying goodnight to Ethan, we were chatting a little bit about family — kids, my parents, his grandparents, my grandparents, his future kids, etc. Suddenly he gave me a tight hug and said, “Don’t worry.”

“You’ll be happily married someday.”

Oy. We’re still trying to rebuild from Hurricane Clay. Ethan’s always joking about me finding my match someday (hands me a box of matches) or saying, “I see you’ve found your sole mate!” when I bought insoles to help me deal with a heel injury.

But this time, when we stopped hugging and I looked in his eyes, I could tell he was serious.

So I dismissed the idea with a smile. “No way… I’m happy just being your mom. And besides, I’m getting older. I don’t know if I could trust anyone that much again. And there aren’t even that many single men who would be good for me, and those that could be have their choice of awesome single women. I don’t even want to try dating again.  I mean what are the chances?”

He didn’t miss a beat. “Well, what are the chances the Earth would just happen to form and life would appear here?”

“That wasn’t just chance though. That was planned.”

“Exactly. God’s got a plan for you, too, Mama.”


  1. Mike

    I have confidence that you will yet be given the chance to serve abroad doing one of those adorable senior missions. In the mean time there are lots of people that love ya for who you are and what you do.

    Plus I hear there are awesome single ward parties that far south. 😉


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