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Purple Daisy Spider & Relationship Resolutions

Hey single friends: ever thought about creating a second Facebook profile called “Life” so you can say you’re in a relationship with it?

Every now and then I figure I’m slacking a bit on my relationship with myself. But I’m trying to do better.

Love God, love your neighbor… for Christians these are the two greatest commandments, because all other laws hinge on these, right?

Today I realized my testimony is built on a foundation of love as well: learning to feel God’s love for me, and recognizing his immense love for all of us. Everything else I believe in really does hinge on that. So when I’m struggling, I try to go back to feeling that love, first.

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Ethan on Chance

As I was saying goodnight to Ethan, we were chatting a little bit about family — kids, my parents, his grandparents, my grandparents, his future kids, etc. Suddenly he gave me a tight hug and said, “Don’t worry.”

Keeping it simple

Ironically, the moment I typed that title, my brain started running in overtime trying to figure out how to say something awesome and useful and short and concise and life-altering here. But really I ought […]

“A Companion and Helpmeet”

Maybe you’ve seen the video where a guy makes fun of his “beautiful wife” who doesn’t understand the meaning of Miles Per Hour. I saw the description and thought, “I bet they’re from Utah.”

Love is…

What is love anyway? Let’s consult my tiny collection of Love Is gum wrappers: At only 300 rubles a piece, these were easily the most affordable treat while I was in Voronezh in 1996, and […]

Fairy Tale Endings

Originally posted as a comment on Facebook, I figured I’d save these thoughts here where I can find them again easily: Perfect really is relative, it’s true, but I’m also thinking the perfect romantic relationship […]