Love God, love your neighbor… for Christians these are the two greatest commandments, because all other laws hinge on these, right?

Today I realized my testimony is built on a foundation of love as well: learning to feel God’s love for me, and recognizing his immense love for all of us. Everything else I believe in really does hinge on that. So when I’m struggling, I try to go back to feeling that love, first.

Keeping it simple

Ironically, the moment I typed that title, my brain started running in overtime trying to figure out how to say something awesome and useful and short and concise and life-altering here.

But really I ought to heed my own title and truly keep it simple. So I’m writing about something my dear friend said:

“The Gospel is so simple, an eight year old can live it.”

We were talking about life and relationships and God and why we’re here. And how sometimes we just make things so complicated. But it’s really quite simple. And yet here I go trying to make a complex post. 🙂

Suffice it to say: the gospel of Christ is ALL about love — loving God, loving others, loving ourselves. That’s it. And we get in this trap of thinking that surely it’s got to be something more than that, right? Surely we’ve got to look high and low and find out the secret to it all. But the secret is that it’s not a secret at all.

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