Purple Daisy Spider & Relationship Resolutions

Hey single friends: ever thought about creating a second Facebook profile called “Life” so you can say you’re in a relationship with it?

Every now and then I figure I’m slacking a bit on my relationship with myself. But I’m trying to do better.

The other day I needed a little encouragement for some studying. And my sick friend needed groceries. So while I was picking up her OJ and what not, I noticed flowers were on sale, and I bought some for us both.

Back at home, I apparently dropped a purple daisy under the table while I was trimming the stems. I didn’t notice it, but my daughter did today as she was eating dinner. She jumped, thinking this wilted purple mess was a giant hairy spider. We all laughed.

30 seconds later it startled her again. We laughed again, but I really shouldn’t tease her. I have a fake spider in my aloe vera that scares me every time I see it.

Of course I had to photograph this “spider” before throwing it away. Friends, this is what happens when I decide to blog the random stuff that makes me laugh or think instead of posting it elsewhere. :-p

Anyway. My flower encouragement worked. I studied hard and got into the class I wanted so I can finally get a degree this Spring.

Graduating is on my list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2018, along with a few other goals, like more dancing, music, and road trips, and noticeably better posture. So far everything but the road trip is on track: I’ve got new dancing shoes and a carpool to Blues tomorrow. I’ve applied for graduation. I’m doing back and core exercises. And since I prefer road trips to be a bit more spontaneous, I’ll hold off on planning that.

But I should mention my relationship goals for 2018, too. In 2010 I resolved to do unto myself as I’d like others to do unto me. I’m happy to say I’ve come a long way since then. My close friends could confirm that. And I think they’d tell you I’ve actually become kinder to others in the process.

As an extension of that, this year I want to focus on being the kind of partner I’d like to have, especially when I’m “just” in a relationship with my life. Not just with occasional flowers, either, but with patience, encouragement, service, quality time, and the whole nine yards. I’d like to take care of myself and my home as I would if my love were coming by, while also being as forgiving of any flaws as I’d hope he would be. I’ll aim to meet high expectations and communicate honestly where I need to do better, while loving my imperfections anyway. And I want to make time in my schedule to enjoy whatever magic each day brings.

I’ve thought about doing this before, but only now am I making it an official resolution. I don’t know whether I’ll get into an actual partnership with another person this year. But my hope is that as I fumble through dating experiences, I’ll be better able to recognize when someone’s treating me well, and be better prepared to be a good partner, too.

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