How to get ABS glue off an acrylic tub

My contractor is just prepping to install my brand new, beautiful acrylic tub. Not sure quite how it happened but he called me in asking about comet or a green scrubby sponge. “That’s not safe for Acrylic, is it?” He said, “It’s an emergency… this stuff is already drying!” Alas! Several drips of black abs glue were marring the surface of my new bathtub.

The tub wasn’t as beautiful with blotches of black glue stuck to it. 😦 Cleanser and my smiley scrubber (set to soft) hadn’t helped. He was trying to scrape it off with a knife, which was only scratching the finish. Ugh! And the best advice I could find online was to cover it with a soap dish.

Then I had a weird thought pop into my head. And it must have been inspired, because it worked. Before you continue, know I can’t be liable if this does not work for you. But if you’re where I was, sensing that the tub was as good as ruined anyway, I hope it will help you.

I covered the spot with dry erase marker, then wiped it off, praying silently. It didn’t seem to make a difference right away. I ran to grab a magic eraser. But I didn’t have to. My contractor called after me. The dry erase marker had loosened the ABS and, with a little scrubbing, it was coming off.

We had to repeat this several times, and it took about 20 minutes. The magic eraser didn’t help, by the way. But now ALL of the ABS is gone, and the only remaining damage is the knife marks from where he had tried to scrape it off. Hoping I can refinish that with a little buffing and wax.

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