On Trump and the Worth of Souls

“Well, he’s just being honest. If things are so great in those countries, why would anyone try to leave?”

As long as we’re valuing honesty, let’s take a look at the context.

These comments came up in talks about who should be allowed to immigrate here. He isn’t talking about whether people should want to leave those countries. He isn’t talking about whether Haiti has recovered from its earthquake. He’s not even talking about economics — otherwise wouldn’t he also be saying the Nordic Model is superior?

Because this was brought up in context of immigration, he’s talking about the quality of the people coming here. He is saying that people from those countries are worth less.

To everyone saying Trump is just being honest: if you agree that a human’s worth depends on their country of origin, skin color, chromosomes, or other factors they have no control over, at least you can start by being honest with yourself and others about that. But as far as I’m concerned, our worth is infinite, and our quality is about the choices we make.

Want higher quality people in America? Change starts here.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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