2017 Resolutions

This year I’m going for simple and flexible, but daily actions nonetheless. Every day I want to: Finish something I’ve been meaning to do Show love to God, to others, and even to myself Show gratitude: take care of and joy in the blessings I’ve got Let go of something that held me back the day […]

Why Disney Princesses Travel with Animal Sidekicks

While chatting over breakfast, we had realized that Disney Princesses really do tend to have animal* companions. And I think we figured out why they use that trope: a human companion would create too much competition for the movie’s primary relationship. But if a princess didn’t have a companion at all, she’d basically have to […]

None of the Above

“A vote for ______ is a vote for ______!” Both sides are saying it, both with hefty helpings of shame or fear. So why cast a protest vote if your candidate can’t win? It all depends on where you stand.

Midnight Harvest

I could feel the frost coming on tonight, so I picked the last of the nearly-ripes by moonlight. My effort may be futile; they say only a vine can ripen this properly. And I’ve had far more than my fair share. It just seems such a waste to throw it away without trying. We’ll see […]

Why did the sidewalk cross the road?

It’s back-to-school time, and sidewalks that cross the pickup and dropoff lanes at your local schools are extremely dangerous.

This morning, the first day of middle school, a woman nearly ran into me. I watch for cars, of course. But I was already halfway across, and she was just in that big of a hurry.

The Future is Now… kind of

This morning I got a video chat from my girl, who is camping in California with her dad right now. She was just hopping out of the tent to show me around: “So when I was a kid, video calls were a thing of the future — something that would only happen on The Jetsons […]