Education: Birth Control & Self Control

Note: I’m just cross posting my facebook status and a few of my comments so my thoughts are easy to find later on. If you’d like to share or comment, please do. You might have heard Utah passed an abstinence-only education bill. Regardless of what you believe schools should be required to teach, I thought […]



My kids have asked what the word means, and my best definition is this: Doing the right thing even when it’s hard, or owning the consequences. Our economy is a wreck, says Mrs. Obvious, and I’m scared. I don’t think a bailout will solve anything. I don’t think punishments will solve anything. And for all […]


Fallen from Crace

My dad believes the media is biased against Republicans, conservatives, and religious people in general. I personally feel that the media moguls — regardless of their network — are less concerned with honest problem solving than they are with high ratings and targeted adspace. And nothing draws interest like a good old fashioned brawl. It’s […]