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It’s not the Media. It’s us.

Last week I went to a town hall by Rep. John Curtis. I’m not a Republican, but I appreciate his efforts to listen to all of his district. I like his pragmatism. And I hold him to a high standard. That’s why I fact checked him on one important point.

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On Trump and the Worth of Souls

“Well, he’s just being honest. If things are so great in those countries, why would anyone try to leave?”

As long as we’re valuing honesty, let’s take a look at the context.

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Fighting for Peace

How can we put the United back in the United States? It’s unrealistic to think any two people (let alone a whole nation) could truly agree on everything. But can we learn how to understand and respect each other? Can we promise to protect each other’s rights?

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None of the Above

“A vote for ______ is a vote for ______!” Both sides are saying it, both with hefty helpings of shame or fear. So why cast a protest vote if your candidate can’t win?¬†It all¬†depends on where you stand.

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How to Register to Vote in 2 Minutes Flat

Hello to my fellow U.S. citizens! Are you registered to vote? Are you sure? Maybe you, like me, tend to put off anything that requires filling out forms or mailing things in? Want to know how to register to vote easily?

Now you can do it via with https://hello.vote !

Fair and Balanced — really!

Political discussions with my family are crazier than professional wrestling matches, minus the chair throwing and spandex. As a self-appointed referee, I can truly appreciate a moderate point of view. That’s why I enjoy reading poligazette.com so much, I decided to donate a little design work.


My kids have asked what the word means, and my best definition is this: Doing the right thing even when it’s hard, or owning the consequences.

Our economy is a wreck, says Mrs. Obvious, and I’m scared. I don’t think a bailout will solve anything. I don’t think punishments will solve anything. And for all I can see, the natural consequences would be painfully suffered by all.

So what do we do? I wish for a way to pull through this without government intervention, considering government intervention may well have contributed to the problem in the first place. Dave Ramsey came up with a three step common sense solution to recommend to our elected officials. What do you think?

2008 Presidential Race

I usually try to stay out of the political blogging arena, but that certainly doesn’t mean I lack an opinion on this whole thing. I’ve been following all of the candidates closely from the start of this race, and my, what a long race its been — and now a close one, too.

So I figured its time to throw in my two cents as to why I support Mitt Romney. Yes, Mitt Romney. No, it’s not our shared religion or his looks that win this female vote.

Ron Paul is Magneto??

I was watching the republican debates a few weeks ago thinking, gee, Ron Paul sure looks familiar. When I realized why, I could hardly stop snickering. A quick search on google revealed I wasn’t the only one to notice the uncanny resemblance, but I didn’t find any great photos to support the argument. If I were a mutant, I know my super power would probably have something to do with photoshop — and now is the time to use it.

Disclaimer: This is NOT an endorsement for or against Ron Paul — though I have run into a few spam-happy Ron Paul fans who just may be evil mutants. I just couldn’t help myself.

I will bring you hope, old friend. And I ask only one thing in return: don't get in my way.
I will bring you hope, old friend. And I ask only one thing in return: don't get in my way. I didn't take this photo, btw - I will probably move it to another category.