None of the Above

“A vote for ______ is a vote for ______!” Both sides are saying it, both with hefty helpings of shame or fear. So why cast a protest vote if your candidate can’t win? It all depends on where you stand.

From Paste Magazine:

I live in New York, where Clinton leads by 20 points in the Real Clear Politics average. In other words, a vote for Trump has almost no chance of being a factor. It would essentially be a protest vote even though he’s a major party candidate.

If I lived in Alabama, where Trump has a 24-point lead, a vote for Clinton has the same effect. Would those complaining about third party candidates likewise complain about a Clinton vote in Arkansas? Or Alabama?

I realize some of you can look past the problems that riddle the major campaigns — or at least the ones your party is dealing with.

If you can’t, take a look at your state. If the worst candidate is already winning by a long shot, what do you have to gain by voting for the second worst? All you’ve got to lose is your integrity, as well as any remaining integrity of the party you care about. Even if your candidate’s chances are slim to nothing.

As for me? It turns out the proverbial snowball’s chance is not that bad, at least in Utah. You know how all of your friends say, “Argh, why doesn’t someone else just stand up and run already?” Well, someone did ###. It’s a last minute Hail Mary shot, but the momentum is real. And it has thrown my beloved state into battleground status. So why am I voting third party anyway? Because if a protest vote wins my state, people are finally going to hear it. Besides, a vote for Trump is a vote for Trump, and our nation is not up for grabs.

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