And now: how to encourage your readers to vote :)

I jumped the gun the other day in publishing that article: now all site owners can help their readers check registration status, or register if needed, via SMS.

If you’re on, you can enable it for your site’s visitors, too. Head over to and select your site. Scroll down, and just under your time zone and what not, you’ll find this:

US Voter Registration Form
[] Encourage your US-based visitors to register to vote by adding a subtle prompt to your site

It looks like this:


Check that box, save your settings, and tada! Suddenly you’re making an even bigger difference than you would with your vote alone, because you’re encouraging your friends and readers as well.

It’s been a bizarre election year, but I believe if everyone will take the time to check out the options and vote for the one who represents them best (instead of just voting against the worst) it really will shape our world for the better. See you at the polls!

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