How to Register to Vote in 2 Minutes Flat

Hello to my fellow U.S. citizens! Are you registered to vote? Are you sure? Maybe you, like me, tend to put off anything that requires filling out forms or mailing things in? Want to know how to register to vote easily?

Now you can do it via with !

“But I don’t like either candidate.” So vote for someone else! There are plenty of options on most states’ ballots, or you can write in others. Give your candidates a listen and pick someone who works for you.

“But my vote will be wasted anyway.” Not true. The only way your opinions won’t count is if you don’t show up. So vote, and encourage your friends to vote, too.

“But I don’t want to register via text.”  So do it some other way. But do it. Then vote!

“But politics are boring.” So is taking out the trash. But you affect your home whether you take out the trash or ignore it. And you help shape the fate of our country whether you vote or not.  So get out there and make things right.

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