2008 Presidential Race

I usually try to stay out of the political blogging arena, but that certainly doesn’t mean I lack an opinion on this whole thing. I’ve been following all of the candidates closely from the start of this race, and my, what a long race its been — and now a close one, too.

So I figured its time to throw in my two cents as to why I support Mitt Romney. Yes, Mitt Romney. No, it’s not our shared religion or his looks that win this female vote. Here’s Mitt, the guy I hope will be our next president, and two articles which I feel are closest to my views on the guy.

The Man Who Wants to Fix Washingon by Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard fairly describes Mitt’s style – “coolly analytical and less political” Mitt’s problem solving process? “You diagnose the problem. You put the right team together to solve the problem. You listen to alternative viewpoints. You insist on gathering data before you make decisions and analyze the data
looking for trends. The result of this process is, you hope, that you make better decisions. You typically also have processes in place to see if it’s working or not working, and you make adjustments from time to time.” An amazing concept in politics, not one any long-time professional politicians are likely to go for.

Mitt Romney: Putting Conservative Principles to Work in Healthcare There are some conservatives who dislike Mitt for “mandating” health coverage. The mandate is this: If you can afford health insurance and opt not to get it, you don’t get free care. If you can’t afford insurance, rather than having taxpayers pay for emergencies and other high cost health care — often the result of health-care neglect, the money is reinvested into subsidized private coverage — allowing individuals to take better care of themselves. And my favorite part? More coverage choices, easier access to insurance, and more industry transparency has dramatically lowered prices. “The same uninsured individual whose choice was formerly limited to a policy with a $335 a month insurance premium with no drug benefits and a $5,000 deductible now can purchase quality private insurance, which includes coverage for prescription drugs, office and emergency room visits, and a $2,000 deductible, for $175 per month.” I could live with that. 🙂

There are a ton of articles I could link to, and if you have concerns about Mitt (for example if you believe the Huckabee / Mccain claim that he’s dishonest and negative) I would be happy to talk about them. Just note that I do screen comments so … be polite and don’t spam.