Why blogging is better for me

Ever tried to search for an old image on instagram, or find an old post on Facebook? How’d that go for you?

So today our contractor said he was going to start soldering some pipes and it might smell bad. I thought of my daughter soldering, and wanted to look up the this picture for the smiles. But it’s not easy to find. I try searching for my own username the #likeagirl tag I used. No dice.  So I have to try to remember when happened, and scroll through all of my pictures until I find pictures of other things around that time, and finally, hopefully, find the picture.  Searching on my blog is way easier.  And if I want to upload and store that picture here? Instagram doesn’t make it easy.

Facebook searching is *slightly* better for me, but only a little. Ultimately if I’m trying reference something I or a friend said, I often end up clicking to the individual wall and scrolling til I find it. And thanks to FB’s trying to decide what it thinks I want to see, half the time I can’t even find it that way. But I can always find my stuff on my blog.

In years past I’ve resolved to post more on this blog. But I keep failing harder each year:

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 12.57.53 PM.png
2017 — ouch.

I know it’s because I’ve struggled to get past some persistent shyness I developed when I realized people I don’t know are following me here (hi, you! 🙂 )  And somehow posting here seems more intrusive than writing random stuff in my Facebook feed or on Instagram or Twitter, where friends might only happen across it by chance.

But I’m realizing now it’s just because I’ve lost my original spirit of “web-logging” … this is simply my blog, for me and my kids and anyone else who might someday find our memories useful.  I’m hoping to keep that in mind and blog more through the coming year. 🙂