Delayed Reaction

I don’t know whether it’s a talent or a curse. Probably a bit of both. But my emotions — especially strong ones — tend to lag significantly behind reality.

I’m not easily shocked or disgusted. I’m often able to diffuse difficult arguments. I take a terribly long time to fall in and out of love. And today I got to enjoy some delayed social anxiety, though in this case I’ve had plenty of anxiety beforehand as well.

About a week ago I was discussing Net Neutrality on our city’s Facebook page, urging folks there to get in touch with our congressman to see if he could help any initiatives along. He reached out and asked if I’d be willing to organize a meeting to discuss the issues. That happened today. It went well enough, I think. Everyone who went with an open mind likely learned something helpful. I’m grateful John Curtis was willing to talk with us and especially that he seems quite willing to listen. We’re going to talk more.

After everyone had left, I had dinner with a few friends. And as soon as all but one had left, my face started to heat up as my brain overwhelmed me with reminders of every little thing I may have said or done that could have been seen as weird or contrary. “Things everyone else has already forgotten?” my friend asked. He has a point. And amazingly that calmed me on the spot.