Love is…

What is love anyway? Let’s consult my tiny collection of Love Is gum wrappers:

A bunch of Love Is gum wrappers

At only 300 rubles a piece, these were easily the most affordable treat while I was in Voronezh in 1996, and they made a fun collection, too. I can’t find most of them (which I’d assembled into a book and given to my now-ex husband). But I did find these. So, according to our sweet little gum wrappers, Love Is…

  • keeping her lips busy.
  • keeping him/her always in your mind.
  • missing half of the film for the sake of finding his/her shoes.
  • being her caddy when she goes golfing.
  • loosing appetite.
  • phoning just to hear her voice.
  • cooking for yourself when she is away to give birth to the baby.
  • not being jealous when he/she spends time with the children.
  • not letting her down.
  • cooking him a dessert when you are on a diet.
  • dressing perfumes just before he comes home.
  • finding his has a high “kissability” factor.

Does that sound about right to you? I think we might be missing some ideas here. What is love to you?


  1. dana clark

    Hello my name is Dana. I am a deaf single mother of two. I know how you feel. It is not easy to be a single mother especially deaf becuause sometime my son 8 is getting better with sign language but sometimes he is frustrated with me so we pray for communication better.


    1. singlemormonmommy

      That would be rough, Dana! Do you have other ways that you can communicate easily? My dad once made a bit of a helper page that goes with communication books, and that has helped lots of people who had difficulty with signing. Best wishes to you and your son!


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