Mary’s Valentine

I woke at 5am this morning to odd popping noises. Ethan’s jaw sometimes makes a popping sound when he’s having a seizure, so I thought I’d better check it out, but when I got up I wondered if I was the one having a seizure, what with all the flashing lights and all.

“Ethan, are you okay sweetie?”

“Oh, it’s just me, Mom” came Mary’s voice, and I quickly found that the popping was her marker lids as she took them on and off. At 5am. By strobe light. (Side note: Her clip-on reading light isn’t supposed to be a strobe light, but it somehow worked out that way. We got it at all-a-dollar.) But when I turned on her regular lamp, she hid what she was working on. As it turns out, it was my valentine.

Sometime before six, she presented me with a box full of homemade cards that related the following story:

I couldn't think about any until the last day... "A box of chocolates?  I can't get it."

... So I went to Ethan to talk about ideas and thought... Ethan...

and then Christmas popped up and I thought


A blue coin

Swirls in pink, purple, and blue

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