Abide with me…

This is one of my favorite hymns — maybe my fifth or sixth favorite even.

Sorry I haven’t been posting the six times a week I committed to! I’m actually well over that if you include my other blogs, but most of those are private. I’ve just been super busy with homeschooling and working and trying to put together a very special Pi Day celebration. And I *will* post about that very soon.

Right now, though, I’m working, and trying to fix a video embed / Facebook OG issue for one of my customers. I’m checking to see whether this works and had to find a video to post. But even though I haven’t time to say much here, one of my favorite concepts in this song is that we need the Lord to abide with us through the good times as well as the bad. It seems my life since this time last year has just become more ridiculous — and I do mean ridiculously happy — as each day passes. Sure, there were some rough moments, but for the most part I can’t even begin to fathom why I could be so lucky. I have great kids, a super kind sweetheart, a job I love, a home, awesome friends, gorgeous surroundings … but the best part of all is that I feel God’s love for me (and you!) and the same Spirit that pulled me through the hard years I’d had before.

“Through cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me.” I’m praying the same for you, too. It makes all the difference.

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