The Night after Christmas

Twas the night after Christmas: another year past where I skipped cards and letters. Life just goes too fast! 😬

The kids are both watching a show with our friend, and I’ve spent the last hour sitting on my rear end.

As for this year, a few things have been cool: we got a new roommate. My son’s starting school.

My girl’s almost done with her senior year, and when they’re both gone, I’ll be in tears!

I’ve just been working on my house, and my yard, and my job, church, and politics — but not on those cards!

And not on treats either, or neighborly presents. Here’s hoping you won’t think I’m being unpleasant.

The fact is I’m tired, and a little worn out. But here’s what I think this season’s about:

It’s a time to remember the love of God’s light, that shows us our ways and makes our paths right.

It lets us see others when our sight has been dim. It asks us to change to be more like Him.

It brings brightness & warmth to hearts that are cold. It helps us keep growing and not just grow old.

So here’s to a new year, and its resolutions… like writing before the next revolution.

But now I’ll stop talking; I don’t want want to bore you. So I’ll leave you with this: My friends, I adore you.