It’s raining men!

Today I’m trying to get my feelings (and schedule) untangled after accidentally double booking myself for dates. Reminds me of this Facebook post from a few years back:

So I’m washing dishes with Ethan and puzzling over why I can go ages without being asked out, then suddenly several people will suddenly express interest out of nowhere. “I don’t know what to think! I guess when it rains it pours?”

Mary, who stepped inside just in time to hear that last bit, presently pipes up: “Don’t worry mom. We’re in Utah. Everything’s gonna dry right up again before you know it.”

Feb 19, 2017

For 2020, one resolution is to get out and date, but do it wisely and not wind up in another one-way relationship. So I guess I can consider this mishap a part of that practice. šŸ™ƒ And also enjoy the rain while it lasts.

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